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Since we are a specialty practice, we suggest to start with a consult by phone, submission or in office. Sometimes these consults lead to a referral, sometimes to jointly working with your provider or a referral of ours, and sometimes the condition you are dealing with may be best dealt with in our offices.

Our consults last about 15 minutes and will give us concrete measurable logic for recommending care or not. We use a number of painless assessment tools to measure and analyze patient outcomes and conditions. By phone and image upload we can get some great insight as well without a visit.

You may submit photos to us for assessment if are distant from us. Click on the page from the 'menu'.

There is no protocol here; every patient is unique and thereby demands a customized, rational plan carefully thought out and evaluated with each appointment. We have been correcting difficult, impossible and seemingly hopeless cases since 1999, as well as a lot of easier and quick-fix conditions.

We are committed to giving you an honest, clear assessment and to tell you the truth about your condition.
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Our corrections use NO anesthesia, NO needles, NO drugs and NO surgery. We use natural precise practices that work with our body's ability to heal for all ages.
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