Cranial Orthopedics: "Cranial" is obviously having to do with the head, more specifically the skull. "Ortho-" is a prefix indicating to be straight, justified, aligned. "-pedics" is by classic meaning, having to do with the feet, with a general association commonly connected to children.

We practice Cranial Orthopedics in a comprehensive form; we apply therapies and corrective measures to all ages, taking into consideration the entire body, head to feet. Our primary focus is on the anatomical form and function from the neck up. We correct the anatomical relationships of the bones of the skull, the overall shape, anatomy and quality of the structure, doing this with hands-on corrections. These corrections are best described as a very slow pressure on several areas of the body at once. Corrections are not painful; are not thrust or velocity manipulations; they are not invasive, and if we can get our little patients (2-5 yrs old) excited for their appointments then we are doing this right! We do not use needles, medications, helmets, surgery or the like. We do use a variety of techniques taken from across the globe and applied in a precise manner with a focus on keen observation, measurement, testing and retesting. The end results may be seen in our Gallery webpage or on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

In the United States we do not have much, if any, experience of comprehensive structural healthcare. For the sake of brevity, we will not cover it here. Our model may be different from anything you have ever before seen, yet we are told nearly daily that patients have been seeking what we have their whole lives. In our offices we consider the effects of the body structure as a whole, and treat is as a complete and unified system with a series of subsystems. We obviously focus on the head; however we would be neglectful if we didn't consider the body as a whole, since it is attached and influenced by all members. If you doubt this premise, simply add a 1/2" lift to one shoe and pay close attention to how rapidly your bite changes.

Our focus on the head and its health must include the following forces, as they affect any and all work you have done on your body. If you are receiving structural care and your practitioner is not aware of the following, please begin the conversation with them. Keep in mind that pracitioners are not purposely leaving out treatment, but are not taught to be comprehensive. If your case requires integrative care with a provider who is more skilled, better positioned or more efficient to care for an issue you have, we will work in a team approach.
The Airway: We can go 30 days without food, 3 days without water, but go over 3 minutes without air and the importance of breathing, breathing mechanics and airway will be crystal clear. Deviated septums, mouth breathing, sleep issues and inflammation are all key issues to address.

The Bite and Jaw Mechanics: How the teeth come together are important, and for some cases VITAL. This little topic of occlusion is a mainstay for some patients that may keep them trapped in a cycle of pain and disease. This is a LARGE spectrum of many unaddressed issues.

Posture of the Hips: How our hips are positioned, to the front, side, twisted or tipped, greatly influences head, neck, jaw and, for women, the head shape/health and ease of delivery for the next generation. Hips and their shape IS directly connected to the shape of the head.

Posture of the Feet: This only matters if you walk. Conditions of the Hips and Head are influenced by standing or walking, each step and the mechanics thereof sending direct mechanical forces up the body.

Mechanics of Swallowing: Again, this only applies to the living. Test your alignment: those who have proper throat alignment and hydration, can usually swallow 10x in a series without pause.
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