concussion head injury migraines chronic pain
       head trauma and concussion
that dull sickening THUD
the instant that changes the future

If you have head injury you probably have already done a lot of research and realized that the pain, the heavy oppressive tension, the thick thought processes, and the difficulty processing even basic things can become just too much.
Our patients with closed head trauma and concussions have related results from mild to completely free of pain and symptoms in a week or more; schedule an assessment and we can give you an idea of what we may accomplish. We do not care for acute injury in office; all bleeding needs to be well healed before we will address any corrections.

     migraines and headaches
Headaches are among the most popular of conditions from which our patients relate relief, and migraines are next in line. The different forms of migraine and headache(s) depends upon the degree of relief we expect after corrections. Also, the time frame and amount of relief, from complete to partial are variable. We usually are able to tell after a correction or two.

     chronic pain
Trigeminal neuralgia, Bell's Palsy, facial pain, stabbing pain, burning pain and a host of other truly debilitating maladies are on the list in our patient testimonials... we see a LOT of head and facial pain in office. We also see a lot of "end-of-the-road" patients that have been everywhere and tried everything... Just this week I had a father relate the struggle of 10 years of searching for a solution to his daughter's headaches... with this work being the first any only relief they had found. We commonly hear tale of the tens of thousands of dollars spent seeking relief and only to find that our work, one of the less expensive options, was the most effective solution. Please come for an assessment.