Some of our specialties:

Midline Correction: How top teeth line up with bottom

Facial Symmetry: (eyes level with ears level with smile)

Head Shape: Auto accidents, birth problems, development and when something just looks "off" or asymmetrical somehow.
What is the FIRST thing people look at when they meet you? Yes, your smile! Having a symmetrical face and smile can make impressions and speaks volumes about how organized you think, act and work.
In our practice we NATURALLY correct heads and faces without pain and expensive, invasive procedures. We team up with specialists when needed and look to find the root cause of problems so they are corrected over the longterm.

"Occlusion" means how your teeth fit together. One of the most important parts of occlusion is the "midline". The midline is an indicator of how functional your jaw, teeth and mouth work. We work in conjunction with Orthodontic offices for improved outcomes where braces alone are not working to correct structural problems not at the teeth. We consider the entire body when correcting any one area. By so doing we may improve the end orthodontic result, speed up the duration of treatment and allow for more beautiful, stable outcomes.
smiles, cosmetic and occlusion