jaw, TMJ and airway
The name of our practice is Head Neck TMJ... and TMJ is an acronym indicating the jaw joint (temporal mandibular joint). TMJ/TMD a primary focus here as over half of our patients have a problem with their jaw in one form or another.

Jaw problems are the nemesis of many practices because the majority of them originate in cranial distortion or cranial structural problems. This means traditional methods to "fix" them usually do not work. Most healthcare professionals are simply not aware of the solutions we deliver and are not trained in this arena.
Options... There are many practices that will surgically alter the jaw to fit to the head since they are unaware the head may be altered. The surgical scenario means you had one injury and you end up with 2. Here we just focus on fixing the root cause in a non-invasive needle free -surgery free method that is usually quite painless and very effective.

The jaw, in a simple model, is like a door with 2 hinges. Cranial deformation and trauma may alter the position of the hinges. Basic mechanical skills will tell you that the door will have trouble closing if you misaligned the hinges as they will bind and may break a hinge if forced. This is not in a good place.

Real life is much more complex than a door, and TMJ cases come in many forms, levels of disorder and illness. We have a few providers we regularly team up with with when needed as well. The good news is, we know our craft and may advise you well, even if it means we send you to another specialist. The bad news, for some, is that these things don't improve on their own; they progress in complexity, extent of injury and cost both in time and treasure to correct. Sooner IS better; please call us for an assessment.
We also address airway issues involving, but not limited to, septum deviation, nasal constriction, throat issues originating in the head.

You need air. The more air you get the better you function, develop, think, live, defend against illness and more. Please see us BEFORE you have a sinus surgery. We have wide acclaim for our work with facial and nasal airway issues.
jaw and the face

We don't need to talk about how important your face is... you are judged by it, it represents who you are and if it doesn't look quite right it is noticed.
Jaw problems cause a number of facial changes. Eyes: Depending on the issue you may have one eye higher than the other, appearing smaller or protruding, etc..
Smile: Your smile may also be altered, including how your teeth fit together (or don't fit together) and how you are able to chew.
Posture: Jaw problems also may contribute to, and be the primary cause of poor posture. Look at our gallery and you may see large posture corrections in all ages simply done by reducing the pain and problems in the jaw joints.
Airway: A deviated septum, or a crooked nose/nasal airway, is also a prime red flag indicating that there is structural change in the head and face.
Surgery is an option if you don't like your face, have jaw problems, etc... but the structural problem that caused the deformity will still be present after the surgery in most cases. Before you consider going under the knife, let's take a look at less dramatic options that cover not only a cosmetic alteration, but consider the root cause of the issue.
Before and after photos here show classic problems we see on a daily basis. Notice the symmetry after correction in the jaw, cheek bone, ears, etc..

...and without lines:
jaw influences
The jaw has muscular and skeletal influence on several other areas of the body; here is a partial list:
The upper neck is an actual fulcrum (pivot) of motion of the jaw
The entire neck directly relates to how teeth meet
The jaw attaches muscularly to influence the position of, and depth of the eye socket
The jaw neurologically determines how you hold your head (forward, back, tipped)
The jaw directly is connected to the hips and pelvis neurologically and functionally
The jaw has indirect influence on where you contact on your feet as you walk, often causing nerve and functional problems due to change in weight bearing
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