Gravity always wins. Gravity doesn't take a lunch, a vacation or retire; it is on 24-7 and has no empathy. If you are not aligned it will slowly drag your body into it's grasp by over powering your ability to be upright. The majority of the calories we burn is simply in opposition to gravity.
So how long can you stand without fatigue? Are you leaning on items, needing to sit or support? Are you straight when you look in the mirror? Look at your shoulders, are they level (best observed by noticing if your hands hang to equal lengths). How about sideways... have someone take a profile full-body photo. Is your head out or over your shoulder where it should be? Does are your hips over your ankles?
When you are aligned you rest on your skeleton and gravity will build you stronger... when you are off center it will win, leaving you progressively in more pain and dysfunction. Plan ahead.
Correcting posture involves more than exercises, neck rolls, adjustments,or spine curve correction devices that appear to have originated in a Turkish prison.

Neurology Wins: If the core reason for the posture is not addressed your efforts will never stick. It doesn't matter how many massages, adjustments or stretches you get; you must address the reason it is occurring at it's core.

You may need stretching, yoga, adjustments or any of the above, they are all good, but progress will NOT HOLD unless several areas are assessed and addressed; one primary driver is the jaw and teeth.

We correct posture and it's effects from the center. This includes the feet, hips, spine, neck, jaw, teeth AND the cranium. ALL of these component parts are interconnected both physicaly and through the nervous system. All must be considered; to leave one out is to leave the job incomplete and prone to failure. Without correcting the brain's influence, you simply can't do enough will-power, stretching, adjustments or, self inflicted time on those neck torture devices and "cervical pillows".

posture and symmetry
There is a dearth of comprehensive healthcare in our nation.
Here we advocate a model that considers the entire body to
determine and care for any condition.

Foot mechanics are connected to knees.
Knee function is directly related to hip positioning
Hip function IS spinal function
The spine has nerve and functional connection to every organ
The spine mechanically serves to hold up the head
The head is set on the spine in a manner to be stabilized by the jaw
The head is a mechanically dynamic system of complex bony "gears"
The head dictates the position and function of the sensory organs
The head dictates the mechanical function of breathing
The head, neck and jaw are tied into breathing and airway
The head, neck and jaw ARE the system by which you consume food
The head and neck and jaw ARE a system that governs everything
-even the feet.