Nutrition... still in the works, sorry for the dust.
Since our work alters the body shape and development nutrition becomes a hot topic. within 6 hours after our corrections the body is already beginning to show up at the areas we correct with the intent to start building and modifying, and those raw materials the body will use are brought from what you eat.

A few key areas exist that we need patients to address:
VITAMIN INTAKE (real food sourced, not a pill)
MINERAL INTAKE (real food sourced, not a pill)
While in rehabilitation phase, we do recommend certain supplementation in order to boost levels in the body. Once you are strong and working well then we may scale back to food only sources.

HYDRATION: Water, nothing more. NOT distilled, distilled water should never be drank. No hydration drinks, no sugars added, just water.

VITAMINS and MINERALS: We have found that the best and most effective source for vitamins and minerals comes from fresh food juicing. For the price of a bottle of vitamins you can buy an Omega 1000 juicer on ebay and get it delivered to your door. Easy to clean, about $50 and well made, though this juicer is not perfect, but an easy place to start. Here is the clincher... you need to consume the juice RIGHT WHEN YOU MAKE IT. Once your veggie or fruit has it's cell opened up to extract the juice oxygen starts to break down the precious contents. You can Google recipes for juicing but it really comes down to finding what you like. Make it easy, start with buying bulk carrots and apples and go from there. The key is that you simply cannot eat enough fresh food to get high quantities of bio-available nutrients. Even buying organic, our food supply is nutrient depleted these days. You do need real food fiber, and the juicing will not supply this, so you need to also eat these foods and do it raw as much as possible as this preserves the enzymes that help digest the food. When you do steam veggies or cook food save some of the raw on the side and sprinkle it on top before you eat it so you get some enzymes to start with.

Click below for some recipes we use while we raise our kids to be as healthy as possible in a world waist deep in junk food.
Smoothies are a great way to consume foods you don't usually eat otherwise, like kale. Use the fresh juice from the juicing as the liquid base in your smoothie to really boost the vitamin and mineral content. There is no vitamin that can deliver what God/nature has designed in whole foods... vitamin and mineral combinations made just the way we need them, in a form that is available to us, as opposed to some vitamins which simply pass through you. Drink the smoothie at the time it is made so the contents does not oxidize and lose vitamin value during the day.

SUPERHERO list for incredible health -some topics you may want to Google/ further study/use:
eating for Alkalization (pH neutral)
drinking Perfect Food phytonutrients by Garden of Life
eating 80/20 raw/cooked ratio
drinking alot of water, nothing added
regular fasting
consuming copious amounts of great oils like extra virgin olive, coconut, flax, cod liver, fish oils...
whole food eating
eliminate processed food
eliminate processed sugar
eliminate eating chemical additives, colors, dyes, MSG
eliminate consuming all white flours

Give yourself holidays and eat anything you want
Make this you own, not an imposition from someone else, imposed "regulations" cause rebellion.
Pardon our dust- still under construction!