During care we may ask you to complete some of the exercises or procedures listed here. You can come in the office for appointments and do these in house, or save your time and money and do them at home. We'd rather teach you to fish.

The exercises, procedures and recommendations given herein are exclusively for current patients of Head Neck TMJ and Cranial Orthopedics. Use by others may cause injury and is not recommended under any circumstances. Nothing on our website is intended to ever treat, cure, assist, help or do anything to any condition at all.
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1. Anterior pelvic tip reversal
2. Dropped shoulder
3. Tight Psoas
4. The Plow
5. Early TMJ disc assist
6. Mid TMJ disc assist
7. Achilles stretch
8. Scoliosis block
9. Eye chart (Tibetan)
10. Blue disc use
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