Assessments from photos
Since we have some patients that, at times, travel considerable distance to see us we have set up a way to remotely assess structural conditions without making a pilgrimage to our offices to consider your case in advance. This method clearly is not foolproof but will give us a pretty good idea of the structural conditions at hand, most conditions which we have results with will be discernable to us if you send over images as you see here.

Remote assessments will require a camera and Internet access.
Image quality at least 1 mega pixel per image
DO NOT send blurry images, they are useless.
VIDEO: When shooting video, move the camera VERY slowly; slower the better.
VIDEO: check to make sure the video is UPRIGHT

You MUST submit your info and pay before uploading from our FTP page, otherwise we don't open the file for security reasons.

Remote assessments are $25 each.

Email your photos to if under 10mb total package. If you are sending a CT, MRI or Conebeams you must use the FTP upload link.
Sample submission of a typical remote assessment.