This page is designed for you to be able to send images to us that are too large for email or other methods. We will only open files that we recognize, so it is important to follow these guidelines:

We need the name of the file to contain the patient name AND the practice or provider that took the images. If you simply want us to evaluate the patient based on your imaging please specify and list primary conditions. If you are referring the patient to our offices for integrative care please give us a brief description of where they are in your care such as duration, appliances used, etc.

We need the name of the file to contain the patient name.

We need the name of the file to contain the your name which corresponds to the patient name on your form that you must first submit on our 'request an appointment' webpage. You MUST FIRST submit the request form. If we don't recognize the patient name from that we WILL NOT open the file.

Thank you for your cooperation; please use the following with your FTP server.
You may use:
FireFTP (for Firefox users)
sFTP Client (for Chrome users)
CyberDuck (for Mac users)


Upload Directory: /upload

Login as: anonymous


YOU MUST EMAIL US TO ALERT US after you upload, or we will not open the upload or know it is waiting. Please use
FTP etc.
Regular File Upload
Click the button here to open a page that will allow you to upload 30mb of data (about 12 photos) in a very easy and user friendly manner.

THEN email us to alert us and give us info about the condition, symptoms, patient, etc. at
Click for Easy Photo Upload Page